Painting Classes and Parties

Painting parties are a great way to enjoy your friends while creating a very nice painting. They are quite fun and everyone is surprised when they end up with a beautiful painting while enjoying a party with friends. Usually the host provides a well lighted room with seating for everyone invited, along with a source of water that is nearby as we use acrylic paints for easy cleanup. The guests that are invited usually bring a dish to share and the host can provide the drinks or the guests bring their own.

painting 1 (1)

I provide the paints, brushes, easels and the canvas prepared in advance with a light layout of the subject we will be painting. The paintings usually take about 3 to 4 hours to complete, or less depending on subject matter and/or time allowed. Everyone follows along with me as I guide them through the process of applying the paint in a manner that will allow us to continue to progress toward the completion of the painting. I give one on one instruction when needed and move around the room checking on everyone’s progress. It is a great time with friends and a fun way to realize that everyone can complete a nice painting in a small and personal venue. I like to keep the number of participants to no more than 8 as I do give everyone personal attention with their paintings.

Painting 3

Private acrylic painting instruction is also a very good way of having guidance on the beginning of the painting or throughout the entire painting to completion. I have helped several with their initial start as to how to lay out the subject and choice of colors and application style. Also, I have had clients that I met with each week and painted along side of them and guided them to completion of the painting, painting the same subject and showing how to blend the colors or let the paint work itself to our satisfaction.

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Acrylic paint is very versatile and does dry quickly compared to oil, which this trait does scare many. But I find it to be an asset as I can continue to paint with it, over it, or put a wash over wash after it has dried, and the fast drying process allows one to realize that any painting ‘mistake or mishap’ can be fixed.


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