King Salmon replica coming along.

The King Salmon replica that was commissioned by the Vancouver Fishing Lodge is coming along nicely. The painting of it is almost complete. I need to add gills and I am planning and constructing the wall base for it. The photos show the log selection being shaped and formed.

Private lesson progressing, slowly.

My private lesson with client is progressing slowly but is getting there. Summer is usually busy with other activites so it does slow down a little. I am calling my painting, “Untamed Hearts”. We have one more horse to paint in and then we go to layering in the snow.class painting

New photos and painting party results.

I have just added some photos of the climb up Cotopaxi in Ecuador and they are listed under the Photography section of website and labeled as Cotopaxi/Ecuador.

Also, here are some photos of recent painting parties I instructed. Enjoy taking a look.Mac 002 smpainting party cr