About Rick Hunckler

Rick Hunckler Colorado ArtistPainting wildlife scenes and portraits of pets comes from within my heart. I have always had a connection with nature and animals, some say I have a calling. I feel very close to life forms of all kinds. When painting wildlife or a portrait of a wild animal, I try to bring their soul and personality to the viewer, and make them aware of how beautiful all life forms are.

Everything is connected in this world and I try to make everyone aware of our fragile and beautiful world through my artwork. When asked to paint a pet portrait for someone, I know they love their companion and I fully understand that. So, I strive to bring the personality of the pet to the canvas for the client to cherish for a long time.

Creating life on paper and capturing a moment of life with my camera, excites and at the same time, satisfies my soul! I have always felt that pets, nature and wildlife, are some of my closest friends. There is a kinship, a connection, with our natural world that I feel to be very strong in my heart. And when viewing paintings of a pet, a loved one or a wildlife scene, I believe it can bring a deep solace or comfort to our being. As a child, when I drew a picture of a bird or dog, I felt in my mind, that I captured that insignificant little life forever on my paper. And as time passed, so did my youth, and I became even more aware of capturing the heart and soul of a life on paper or canvas that would live forever. Also, with each new painting of wildlife I begin, it fills me with so much emotion, watching it transform into a scene from the ‘unseen’ that takes place in the wild everyday that we don’t often see. That gives me great satisfaction to bring the life of the wild to the viewer and also gives me peace in my soul.

Please enjoy browsing the many examples of my artwork and photography. If you have any questions about commissioning artwork or purchasing originals or prints, please contact me.

Thank you,

Rick Hunckler