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  2. Children of the Savanah
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  4. Northern Pike Fish Replica
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Welcome to Rick's Portraits. A collection of fine art and travel photography.

Our Features

Brown Trout Fish Replica

Fish Replicas

Fish replicas are a great way to remember and enjoy the recent catch, or of one long ago. By utilizing photographs, measurements and/or descriptions of the trophy, I can replicate the catch and make it a work of art. All replicas are custom hand painted and treated as the fine art they are.
Clyde and Bonnie sml1


I enjoy painting portraits of pets as well as commission work of any kind. Also, I love to paint wildlife and enjoy adding color to their souls. Painting on a large canvas is very exciting with the use of bright bold colors.
Rick Hunckler Photography


A collection of photos from some of my travels, climbs and of wildlife. Many are used as references for subject matter for paintings to study effects of light and shadow. I love to travel to different parts of the world and am always viewing the world with eyes of an artist.

Painting Events

Painting parties are a great way to spend time with friends, relieving stress from the day and lowering the blood pressure while having a good time. Also in my painting parties, each participant receives personal guidance when they need or request it.

Artwork & Photography for Sale or Commission a Painting

Original artwork is available for purchase. Canvas prints and high quality paper prints are available for all artwork and photography. Custom print sizes available.